January 1998
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Merry Christmas!

    I hope you haven't been dying from the suspense about how Jungle Camp went.  We had a wonderful learning experience during our time there.  Thank you so much for your prayers.  I know that we would have never made it through this time with out your faithful prayers.     The construction of our houses went well. Your prayers were seen over and again as we ran across even the smallest of difficulties and saw the faithfulness of God in our lives.  We spent over three weeks completing our homes.  It seemed that we never stopped learning.  We praise God that we are who we are in Christ and can look to Him to get us through the tough times.  We praise God that neither the girls or "mom and dad" got poison ivy.  It seemed like it was everywhere.  We began to get sick the first week of Jungle Camp, and on the third week, we took a family trip to the doctor who gave us what we needed to help us to recover. We learned how to follow a map by compass and walked 2 - 3 hours through the woods to prove we could do it!  We also put our canoeing and camping skills to the test when the ladies went on a one day trip down the Big Black river and us men traveled for 3 days on the same river. We really praise God for our garden staples.  We had no problem dismantling our houses and returning home. We are happy to be out in what is so fondly called "civilization".

Exciting news! Laurel is pregnant!Yes that's right, we are expecting another member in our family due around May 5th.

    Krista is really enjoying classes this semester since she has five other children with her instead of one.  Kali has graduated from nursery to toddlers (with Krista).   They are both learning so much.  It's very exciting!This semester has been very profitable.  One highlight was the "seminar" we had on the book the Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.  This is a chronological study of the Bible that takes about 12 hours to complete.  It has greatly enhanced our understanding of Scripture.  I know you would love to read through it if you get a chance.Laurel and I will be staying another semester here before we continue on to Language School in MO. Last semester was so profitable that we asked to stay one more semester to be grounded further in our relationship with God, each other, our children, and our fellow Christians.  We will also cover some things like techniques in studying the Bible.  This is a voluntary step not imposed as a must.We will graduate in May '98 and will return to classes in Language School in August '98.  We will discuss more about Language School later.




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God has shown Himself faithful to supply all of our needs.
We made it through Jungle Camp!
Good health - especially for our children!
Opportunity to minister at the "Love Mission"
Opportunity to go through the Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.

Prayer requests:

Teachable hearts for both of us.
Continued health.
Continued provision of finances.
Wisdom raising Krista and Kali.
Health and safety for Laurel during her pregnancy.

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