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Paiye of the Moi tribe tells the Easter story in his own words.


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Misunderstanding Grace
by J. F. Strombeck

Many think of grace merely as the means whereby God forgives sin; and fail to recognize that grace is God's way of dealing with one who receives Christ, not only during the earthly existence, but also throughout eternity. Great harm has come from this limited concep-tion of grace and the lack of teaching the fullness thereof. The pre-sent low level of Christian conduct is largely due to incomplete teaching of grace. All misconceptions on the part of many, that an over-emphasis on grace is a license to sin, would quickly be re-moved if grace were preached and understood in its fullness... It is grace upon grace that removes fear and gives assurance, stability and direction to the earthly life.

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* Points to Ponder:

Keep the Gospel Clear!

Keep the issue clear:
The issue is sin, and Who is going to forgive it.

Keep the direction clear:
• It is from the Giver to the recipient. The gift of righteousness is given when you believe.

Keep the requirements clear:
It is salvation through FAITH. There is nothing more!

Charles Ryrie

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