Financial Report

You are a Vital Part

I'm truly thankful for all those who have supported my ministry at New Tribes Language Institute. You all are such a vital part in the work here. Without you, I could not function in this ministry. Thank you all very much.

Support Level

Many of you desire to know where my financial needs stand in order to know how to pray for me and how you might help out. For those of you who desire this information, I'm making this page available to you. I will try to update it on a regular basis.

Typical Expenses

Benefits and taxes

Many people who work for a company are used to having things like taxes, medical insurance, dental expenses, retirement benefits, and social security paid for partially or fully by that organization. However, missionaries are responsible to meet those obligations themselves.

Business expenses

Many companies also take care of their employees business expenses. Again each missionary is responsible to provide for those needs. That includes things like office supplies, equipment, correspondence, prayer cards, travel, etc.

Net salary

This would include the typical expenses that most families have. It would include things like food, housing, clothing, auto, eyecare, giving, etc.

My Appreciation

Thank you so very much for your part in my life and ministry!

Because of Calvary,

Bob Nyberg