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2004-04 008.jpg (246912 bytes)
We began our trip
to Nacala
2004-04_017.jpg (284986 bytes)
House construction proceeds
a little differently
2004-04_016.jpg (125778 bytes)
Some parts of the road
are very nice
2004-04_018.jpg (174523 bytes)
There are little mosques and
churches scattered around
2004-04_020.jpg (189715 bytes)
Villages surround more
modern buildings
2004-04_021.jpg (300206 bytes)
It's amazing what can be
carried on ones head
2004-04NacalaIMG_0522.jpg (210449 bytes)
There is much road
construction this year
2004-04NacalaIMG_0557.jpg (190714 bytes)
Little communities all the way
2004-04_025.jpg (305374 bytes)
Nacala-Chocas is beautiful
2004-04NacalaIMG_0542.jpg (194246 bytes)
Nacala is a very large
natural port
2004-04NacalaIMG_0572.jpg (133559 bytes)
No matter which end of earth
there are usually sunsets
2004-04NacalaIMG_0589.jpg (146095 bytes)
Local delicacy known as
2004-05 057.jpg (170405 bytes)
Local fishermen work together
2004-05_026.jpg (157041 bytes)
Laurel's new - new kitchen
2004-05_028.jpg (126714 bytes)
...and her new pantries!
2004-05_031.jpg (367485 bytes)
Nicholas and Kali enjoy
their new front yard
2004-05_002.jpg (193080 bytes)
B...'s wife and child stop
in for a visit
2004-05 052.jpg (153903 bytes)
Our new driveway
2004-05 039.jpg (159740 bytes)
Our new office will be
in our basement
2004-05_043LandRover-Defender.jpg (150598 bytes)
We praise God for our new
LandRover Defender!

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