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Y2K and Beyond!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Millennium!


     I trust that the holidays found you rejoicing in Christ in spite of the circumstances you found yourself in.  So much has happened since our last newsletter, and we can do nothing but praise God for all that He's done.

      Our time of deputation was very beneficial.

2 Months-19 Beds over 10,000 miles 9 opportunities to speak in 8 churches

Praise God!  We now have a new van that he has allowed us to purchase at a very good price.  It has already taken us over 12,000 miles with very little trouble at all.  With no interest to pay, our payments are only $200 per month for 40 months!

  Jason was very busy preparing the network for Y2K.  Another major project was buying and setting up computers for a student computer lab.  Along with this of course came the opportunity to teach a Computer Literacy course as an elective for the students.


Laurel has begun furthering her education.  She has also been pre-school coordinator and worker.  Laurel has returned to the doctor she was seeing a little over a year ago, and we trust that this doctor will pursue the right avenues for her. Laurel now has a chance to exercise her creativity through the preschool program



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Missionary Feature Story of the Month:    2-11-2000

John and Bea Livingston in the Philippines

John writes:
    It was a very long and difficult tribe to get in. We left Aritao
(the mission flight center) at twelve o'clock at night on a bus for
Tagigaraw. We arrived there at 5 in the morning after a pretty sleepless
night. We found a van heading for Cabugaw. Cabugaw is the end of the
road and is the capital of the Isneg speaking area encompassing around
32,000 people. We arrived there after a long drive on what they call a

After arriving in Cabugaw we needed to find somewhere to stay for the
night and find some men who would be hiking to Maragat (pronounce it
phonetically with script a.)This the area that the missionaries are
located. We found the men and place to stay for the night in a tribal
home. My first night in the bush was not bad and I had a great
opportunity to travel on the outside of where tourists travel so
we attracted a lot of attention.

The next morning we got up at 5 o'clock and had breakfast. That's right,
rice again. We set out for Maragat at 6 o'clock on what I thought would
be an 8 hour hike. ...            (Feature Story Continued Here)

  We praise God for:  

His provision
Safety during our travels
Opportunities to speak with churches and individuals about Tribal Evangelism
Ministry opportunities

Please pray for us regarding:

More prayer supporters
More financial supporters
More encouragement supporters
God's guidance with our children Krista, Kali, and Nicholas

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