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...the most encouraging aspect of living here in Missouri has been...

Last night as I was watching "Judging Amy" on television I was reminded that the time has come to get back in touch with all those friends and family members that I’ve done a stinky job keeping in touch with. Unfortunately you will not receive a new family picture of us ( the cast of the show took a family picture) however my hope is to let you all know that we are so thankful for this year and the place God has brought us. We feel in many ways that this is home, which is not usual for people who have lived like us for the last few years. Working at the Language Institute has been great for us but the most encouraging aspect of living here in Missouri has been in our relationships with our friends at church. It’s been so refreshing for me to think, "How am I going to live without these people in my life if and when God sends us from here?". We are confident in going when God so leads knowing we will be better equipped after fellowshipping with these believers.

I do believe when Jason and I first arrived at N.T.L.I Jason thought he would work his way out of his job in the two years he was here. However, he has come to the conclusion that he will have to be replaced if we leave . With this in mind we have decided to stay here for another few years, until Nicholas turns five ( he’ll be three in April) unless of course we can’t. I’m sure you are probably saying to yourself, "Why couldn’t you?", and the answer is of course, we can’t stay here if we aren’t supported. If you feel that our being here is not beneficial we ask that you contact us, we want to hear from you. When we originally shared our desire to be missionaries it was with the intent of ending up in Papua New Guinea - well we aren’t there yet and I just hope you all are o.k. with that ( Jason assures me that you are) but we really do want you to be assured that your support of our present ministry is reaching those who have never heard the gospel of grace in lands far away. Let us know what you think.

The kids are great. Krista is enjoying second grade much better than the first grade. She writes beautiful poems, which isn’t a trait she gets from me. Kali is in pre-kindergarten at an excellent preschool in town. She still loves animals ( by the way we have a bird and a dog ) and is very ready to go to all day kindergarten next year. Nicholas, well he’s two and he’s my boy. He is much like Krista personality wise but all boy. Thankfully it doesn’t take much convincing for me to get daddy to take him fishing or just outside to play. Jason and I, well we’re still in love and I’m glad about that. I praise God that he gave me Jason as the man I plan to spend the rest of my days with. I KNOW he would say the same about me.

We love you all. We’re very thankful you have invested in our family and in the lives of those who still have yet to hear what Christmas is all about. Merry Christmas and a Happy 2001!

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Missionary Feature Story of the Month:    1-30-2001

Ron and Rhonda Schafer in Virginia

Ron writes:
Here are some things you hate to hear when traveling:
"It isn't on the map!"
"We believe we found part of your suitcase."
"No...the man you gave your bags to does not work here."
"Hey Bubba,,,you'll never guess where these folks think they are!"

Some things you love to hear when planting a church:

"Hey Ron, we're moving to Leesburg!"

Phil and Pam actually said those words about a month ago, and
they are now official residents of Leesburg! Phil has found a good job
they now reside in a townhouse in a nice section of town called Exeter.
Already they have been such a great, positive addition to our weekly
Bible study and we greatly appreciate their fellowship, friendship and
support.  Besides his full time job as a supervisor, Phil will be...
            (Feature Story Continued Here)

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