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...disappointed that the student visas didn't work out, but are glad that they are at least giving us...

Thank you for your prayers for us over the last weeks and months! Not only have our tickets been finalized, but they are also paid for! Thank you for your generosity and for your prayers. We asked you to pray for our visa situation. Thank you for praying.

It didn't turn out the way we hoped, but are excited that (as of this afternoon) we will/should have some temporary/tourist visas in hand. Our visa paperwork information that we had was insufficient initially.  So we had to wait for some other information from the Brazil. Through a variety of circumstances, we are getting temporary visas rather then educational visas. This means that they are good for 90 days, then we have to renew them at a local Brazilian Police station for another 90 days. After the 180 days is up, we have to leave the country and re-apply for visas again. Thanks for praying. We are disappointed that the student visas didn't work out, but are glad that they are at least giving us  temporary visas.

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As you can see from the map, We really put on some miles.  This was a whirlwind trip, and we missed many of you for which I sincerely apologize.  We wanted to stop and see so many more of you, but were unable due to time constraints.  We are planning on coming back to the States next summer and would like to make another trip to see as many of you as possible at that time.  If you would like us to drop in at that time, we would love to hear from you and begin to plan our stays even now.  Please let us know!  Thank you for praying for our travels. We had nothing but safe traveling the entire time!!! We are in Florida until July 12th when we head to Brazil. Please pray that our time here will be well spent, and that we would be able to spend time with you who are down here in Florida. We are staying with Bill and Phyllis Whitescarver and you may contact us there if you need to.

Forbidden fruits create many jams.

Jason and Laurel are now both be studying Portuguese in Brazil.  This is in preparation for going to Mozambique where Portuguese is the "trade language."   

We will be homeschooling the children while in Brazil.  This is a huge step for us.  The  options were to have the kids commute to a school 1-2 hours away from where we would be, send them to a boarding school, send them to a Brazilian school, or homeschool them.  We chose to homeschool.  We are hoping that we will still be able to spend the needed time in our studies, get exposure to Portuguese, and be able to homeschool our children all at the same time.  This will not be an easy task, but know that God can give us the strength to do it. 

The kids are doing well with the move. If you were to ask the kids if they wanted to go to Brazil, you would receive a mixed answer.  They are looking forward to moving to Brazil, but that is mixed with the fact that they are leaving a lot of friends that they really wish they didn't have to leave.  They loved Missouri as did Laurel and I, and we will all really miss you who were friends there.

We are staying in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  It's towards the South East side of Brazil.

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Maps courtesy of www.theodora.com/maps used with permission.


  We praise God for:  

Traveling safety
Wonderful and encouraging friend
A temporary computer technichian assisting Tom Young (replacing me) at New Tribes Language Institute (NTLI)
Health of our family
God's provision with support partners

Please pray for:

A continued increase in finances as our expenses increase dramatically
Safety in our international travels
Minds and ears that can learn the intricacies of the Portuguese language
Wisdom and patience as we homeschool our children
Wisdom as we make decisions
Health for our family during this time

Missionary Feature Story of the Month:  6-27-2002

Matt and Thea Lehmann, missionaries enroute to Mozambique

Dear Friends,

Tudo Bem?! You reply, "Tudo bem, e voce?" We then say, "Tudo bem!"
Make sense? Not really, but then you'd be wise not to try to understand Portuguese through an english grid. Believe me, you go crazy trying to do so! Nevertheless, greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, from the 23rd floor in Sao Paulo! Yes, after five weeks of living with our dear co-workers, Anthony and Jenny Chee, and wandering around town looking for a place to live, we are finally settled in our own apartment. Many of you have prayed for this and man, you should come down here and see the answer to your prayers!

Last week, the Lord blessed us with a nicely furnished, three bedroom apartment...

...that came with a terrific view of this endless city. And the amazing thing is, that it is within our budget. Comparing it to other apartments in this neighborhood, we definately got a deal. (Steve, you'd be proud.) Though it became frustrating at times trying to find our own place, this was definately worth the wait. As we remenisce a bit over the last five weeks we are so aware of...

...(Feature Story Continued Here)...

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Jason and Laurel Crockett 
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