August 1999
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     Jason is now knee deep into Novell Netware 5 as he and Tom Young upgrade the New Tribes Language Institute (NTLI) server from version 3.1.  For all you techies out there, the bindary style server is majorly different from Novells new NDS system.  They have been running into some difficulties with the desktops (work stations).  They have had to change out NIC's and upgrade computer BIOS's, as well as walk up the learning curve.  He has discovered that if he was paid what a technichian they hired got paid, then he'd be worth $50/hr!  Lord willing God can use him to help keep the costs down for modern technologies like servers, computers and e-mail. 

If a I ordered a Buffalo on Credit, would they send me a Buffalo Bill?



Laurel has been digging into the possibilities of furthoring her education.  There are quite a few different universities that offer coorespondence courses for furthoring education.  She also took on a job at McDonalds to help get our finances back on track.  We over shot our budget with the "big move."  Needless to say, Laurel has been busy.  She also spends a lot of time with Krista, Kali, and Nicholas; teaching, training, instructing...   We are not too sure which direction to head to get Laurel's health problem diagnosed.  Some of the main possibilities are  Arithmea, Candidias, and Allergies.



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Missionary Feature Story of the Month:    7-15-99

Dean and Eleanor Theobald in the Nimo, Papua New Guinea

Dean writes:
Dear awesome friends,
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
    principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of
    this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    We have started up a chron teaching in our village. The chron is the
    chronological stories through the Old Testament on through to the New
    Testament teaching of the life of Christ and his death and
    resurrection. It includes the stories about God, who he is, the
    creation of ...            (Feature Story Continued Here)

  We praise God for:  

a spacious 3 bedroom house for our family.
safety and patience while moving in.
encouraging letters and news from our friends...(you).
an already busy ministry and challenge while upgrading a Novell server.

Please pray for us regarding:

our health (wisdom and direction regarding Laurel especially)
the continued area of finances.
quick and effective adjustment into our new ministry roles
our children Krista, Kali, and Nicholas

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